Grandad's Tips for Bringing up Kids

Book Cover

An invaluable guide for grandparents, parents and child carers, this book
provides helpful advice and information on how to:

  • restore peace and tranquillity when a child goes into meltdown
  • turn tears into laughter when your grandchild has a minor mishap
  • use nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and picture books to bond with children, enrich their imagination, and develop early literacy skills
  • choose the right toys for children
  • encourage children to eat healthy food
  • entertain children on journeys

The book concludes with a selection of activity rhymes, and an annotated
bibliography of recommended picture books and poetry anthologies.

This is a serious book but it's also a playful one. The author believes
wholeheartedly in the value of games. A child's having a tantrum?
Well, turn the situation into a game, and enjoy the laughter that soon follows.

Infused with laughter and wisdom, Grandad's Tips is the perfect present
for anyone who regularly looks after children.

About the Author:
Dudley Jones taught in schools, and teacher training colleges and universities for over 40 years.
In 2010, he retired to spend more time with his grandchildren. He's published a number of
articles on children's literature and popular fiction, and 2 books: one on heroes and children's
popular culture, the other, a biography of a tennis legend of the 1950s and 60s, Lew Hoad.
He's married, has two children and three grandchildren ('my little smashers').